The Hog Wild Project will continue to tell the tale of Marion’s heritage as home of the hog for another year!!  The Main Street Marion board at-large has a creative idea to generate revenue for the Hog Wild Project, and we look forward to implementing our first Hog Wild fundraiser at the April 2014 First Friday Celebration in the courtyard.

Main Street Marion will host a silent auction for the Maid of Marion at The 3rd Street Courtyard on April 4th.  The silent auction will be held in conjunction with April’s First Friday Celebration in the courtyard.  Bids can be made between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.  The highest bidder will be announced at 6:15 p.m.

The Maid of Marion was painted by Anne Maddox and sponsored by the Grant County Convention Visitors Bureau.  This hog was damaged in a car accident on the Courthouse Square in July of 2013 and relocated to the Webb’s window display on Washington Street.  She will be auctioned as is with a minimum bid of $500!!  That is $1,000 less than the original cost of the hog!

Main Street Marion would also like to ask for your creative support!

  • Sow in Grant County (located in front of STAR Financial Bank) is losing its dollar bills y’all!  Calling either an artist able to repair the creation of the Grant County Economic Growth Council, or an artist able to strip it down and recreate.  This is a great opportunity for a passionate individual that believes in the project and wants to help promote the Home of the Hog story!
  • Andy Warhog (located in front of Norris Insurance) is chipping away at his paint!  This hog is also in need of an artist’s tender loving care!!

Many thanks go to all of the individuals, organizations, and companies that have helped by supporting this project creatively, financially, and enthusiastically from 2011 to date.

For more information, visit or email

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