Full of Thanks

Thanks for visiting downtown Marion for the 2014 May First Friday Festival!

Although budget reductions prohibit Main Street Marion from hosting more than one festival this year, we look forward to working with new festival hosts and the opportunity to continue to serve our downtown.  We are full of thanks for the many years of being able to host a signature community event.

Thank you to all our performers for playing your very best. Thank you to our vendors, exhibitors, and non-profit organizations for being such an important part of our event. Thank you to our non-profit partners for staffing the festival clean-up and coordination. Thank you to downtown business owners, workers, and residents for putting up booths and putting up with the disruption. Thank you to the festival artists and all those that submitted for your time and talent in creating each year’s artwork. Thank you to all our suppliers and contractors for making our event YOUR event too. Thank you to our many sponsors for your support and participation and for sticking with us. Thank you to all the volunteers for working so hard in the sun – and the rain – for the community. Thank you to all City of Marion staff, past and present, who helped in any way to make the event a success. Thank you to every Main Street Marion Board member for your commitment, dedication, hard work, and your friendship. And a huge thank you to every single person that attended the festival.

Thank you.

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