On August 18, 2014 the Grant County Medical Society presented a check to the Marion Police Department’s K-9 Unit towards the purchase of the K-9 corps’ newest member, Azzuan (Azz-Waan), a Belgian Malinois (Mal-in-wah).

Dr. William Granger, president of the medical society, was originally approached to help with purchasing dog food for the K-9 unit.  The vast majority of the dog food is purchased through donations from the local community. 

After a small amount of money was raised, the unthinkable occurred:  Karo, one of the K-9 officers, died from lymphoma.  Seeing that there was an even greater need at this point, Dr. Granger discussed with Capt. Steve Scott, head of the K-9 unit, the idea of expanding the fundraiser, and he agreed.  To make this come about, Dr. Granger arranged for the medical society along with Dr. Karen Jacobs and Dr. Ed Keppler to match all donations from the medical staff up to a preset limit.  With over 90% participation from the medical staff, the final donation total was $3570, just about half the cost of replacing the K-9 officer. 

Dr. Granger feels this is a very worthy cause because of all the work the K-9 officers do in drug interdiction, not only in Marion and Grant County but surrounding counties as well.  “Drug abuse is a major problem, and the medical society supports everything that will mitigate this problem,” he stated.  “We salute the J.E.A.N. Team and the K-9 unit for their dedication and commitment to the War on Drugs.”

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