Established in 1989, Main Street – Marion, Indiana, Inc. is a non-profit organization that raises charitable donations to invest in the downtown district.  Our local Main Street office is the community’s direct connection to the social and business hub of downtown Marion.  Our mission is to promote and stimulate the downtown Marion economy through a four-point approach system – design, organization, promotions, and the downtown toolbox.

Main Street Marion has evolved in the last several years by focusing on sustainability. Our board at-large and staff have worked diligently to strengthen our nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission over time, and enhance our organization’s ability to have a positive impact on our downtown district and our community.  With this mind, we felt it was time to move from our commitment at 100 North Washington St as acting landlords to 422 E Fourth St as tenants.  Our new lease agreement enables us to save overhead expenses and utilize more funds for the people we serve.

As Main Street Marion continues to make its footprint and with the introduction of our new office at 422 E Fourth St, we took this opportunity to update our brand to better reflect our commitment to the public interest and to those we serve in the downtown district.  Take a peek at our new logo at the top of this page and on our social media channels!  Our logo was created by talented students in Herb Peterson’s branding class at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Now meet the people behind the organization! Our 2015 board at-large consists of Eric Marshall – President, Marc Lobdell – Vice President, James Harris – Secretary/Treasurer, Michelle Armand, Michael Halstead, Happi Stoffel, Michael Hotz, and Angie Martz. These individuals work together to bring about many small but positive improvements downtown.

On Board? If you’re thinking about becoming a member of our nonprofit board, we are interested in hearing from you.  Contact us at to receive more information.

What do you want to see in 2015?  Our Main Street Program was organized to help revitalize downtown Marion and is appropriately tailored and retailored to meet our community’s local resources, conditions and needs.  We constantly seek the best path to serve our downtown effectively.  Because Main Street is a locally driven program, all initiative stems from the local community.  Please connect with us.  Share your voice, ideas, and challenges.  Main Street Marion will supply technical assistance and marketing strategies, but the credit and responsibility for success rests with the many community leaders and downtown inhabitants who offer their time, expertise, and enthusiasm to revitalizing downtown.

A successful central business district creates fertile ground for small business development, develops and sustains a sense of place for the local citizens, preserves historic resources, and is an amenity that the city can promote to attract visitors and new business development.  Thank you for helping us make a positive difference in our community starting at our core – downtown!

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