#DtMarion Photography Contest Winner Announced

Glen accepts award.

Photographer: Glen E. Devitt

Title: “The Marion National Bank” building

Category: Architecture

About Photographer: My name is Glen Devitt and I originally moved to Marion for what was planned as a two year engineering project. That was 1974! I have lived, traveled, and worked all over the country, but always kept Marion as my main residence. I have enjoyed photography most of my life, both as a component of my work, and also for pleasure and relaxation. I first started shooting pictures back in the film days with a Brownie Box camera, progressed to an entry level 35mm and now all the way into the digital era. I have placed more emphasis on the recreational and artistic aspect of photography during the last few years, and I plan on continuing this path in the future.

Entry Description: The winning image for the Main Street Marion photography contest is one picture from a B&W Series I shot in downtown Marion. I like to think I have a “optimistic eye” when I capture images with my camera. This particular image highlights the intricate stone details of one of our more prominent downtown structures, “The Marion National Bank” building. Next time you are downtown Marion, look up and look around. You might surprise yourself with what you can find with an optimistic eye.

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