2nd Meeting Scheduled for the Downtown Marion Roundtable!

Join us for the next downtown Marion Roundtable meeting to on Thursday, May 21 at 5 p.m. in the Marion Public Library, meeting room B. The downtown Marion Roundtable is open to all downtown merchants and community leaders who are willing to share ideas to advance an overall positive downtown experience. The downtown Marion Roundtable has been formed to support the vitality of our downtown progress, by addressing necessary improvements. Main Street Marion and the City of Marion will act as a conduit between economic development and aspirations. Can’t make it this month? The Roundtable meets every other month on the third Thursday at 5 p.m.

The purpose of the downtown Marion Roundtable is to encourage, support, and promote the progressive energy of the downtown community at-large by

  • calling upon our community leaders and members to gather and discuss
  • finding or creating practical and creative solutions to strengthen downtown
  • exploring various avenues to address downtown deficiencies and highlight successes

The Downtown Roundtable is an opportunity for downtown leaders, staff, volunteers and enthusiasts to meet one another, gain a better awareness of the variety of assets in our downtown, and begin considering how we might best work together for mutual benefit.  The ideas generated at these meetings will help shape the community at-large, but will begin at our core in the downtown district.

LIKE the Downtown Marion Roundtable on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MarionRoundtable?fref=ts.

We thank you for fostering growth in our community!


James Harris Layla Price Brad Luzadder
Halstead Architects Designer City of Marion Community Development City of Marion Council
JamesH@halstead-architects.com lprice@marionindiana.us bluzadder@gmail.com
765-662-9372 765-662-9931 .

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