Lark’s Song Opens New Location in Downtown Marion. Multiple Events Planned for Grand Opening Weekend.

Lark’s Song is excited to celebrate the grand opening of their new location at 401 South Washington Street, on the square in downtown Marion, on Friday, May 8th, 2015. Having offered a wide variety of programs since June 2013, Lark’s Song is now able to expand their nonprofit operations centered around life purpose discovery and leadership development education. The new location serves as the organization’s headquarters and office, in addition to a multipurpose education and meeting space.

The public ribbon cutting will be held outside the new location at 4pm, followed by an open house from 4pm until 8pm on Friday evening. Coffee and refreshments will be available from Midwest Coffee Company, while community members are invited to drop in, see the new location, and have a conversation around the topic of “Discovering life purpose in Grant County.”

Individuals are also welcome to learn about the general mission of Lark’s Song, and the various workshops and events coming up in the near future. Megan Gilmore, the founder and executive director of Lark’s Song, says, “The potential with the new location to expand collaborative partnerships within our community, assist others with discovering their life purpose, and further the practice of servant leadership, is beyond exciting, and I think the results of our presence in downtown Marion will be widely influential, even beyond the limits of Grant County.”

In addition to serving over 500 clients in the past two years, they have also launched the Lark’s Song Certified Coach (LSCC) training program and the Lark’s Song Academy. The nationally accredited six month program is unlike any other personal coaching program offered in the country, and is the first to offer training in experience assisted coaching. More information about the LSCC program and the Lark’s Song Academy is available at

On Saturday, May 9th, in order to allow individuals the opportunity to experience a few of Lark’s Song’s different workshops, they will be offering three of their regular workshops on a “pay what you want, come as you are” basis.
The workshops being offered are:

Amplify: Discover and Expand your Purpose
(Saturday, May 9, 9am – 12pm)
Most of us know that we need to live lives of meaning and significance; we want to know that we are living
purposefully, that our lives mean something, right now! In this workshop you will identify your core values,
develop a life purpose statement, and gain tools for aligning your goals and decision making with these
values and purpose.

Eyes to See: Recognizing Personal Strengths as a Building Block for True Community
(Saturday, May 9, 1pm – 4pm)
In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to grow in their understanding of their own ability to see strengths and gifts in others, experience the impact it can have on individuals and within community,
and leave equipped with skills to create a culture of purposeful interactions and honor within their own
communities of influence.

Lead Strong: Leveraging your Personal Strengths for Leadership Success
(Saturday, May 9, 5pm – 8pm)
Whether you’re leading an organization, a school, a community, a cause, or a family you’re probably wasting
more energy and time than you need to get the results that you want. This workshop will help you hack into
effective and efficient leadership strategies by learning and developing your personal leadership strengths.

More information on these and all upcoming workshops and other events are available at .

About Lark’s Song:
Throughout history and mythology, larks have been symbols of daybreak and courage with each bird learning and
singing its own unique and elaborate song from birth. Lark’s Song is an educational nonprofit organization that was started by Megan Gilmore and a group of motivated human services professionals in June 2013 dedicated to serving others in the discovery of their unique and elaborate life purpose and empowering them to confidently and courageously live it out through transformational servant leadership.

More information about Lark’s Song is available at their website: , by email: , or by phone: 7653515275.

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